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Welcome to our family-owned Indigenous business! 

In 2019 I was working in marketing and Brooks was a renovator by trade. During the pandemic like many others, I knew I needed to make a change and left my long- time career behind to pursue full-time my passion of becoming an interior design and renovation team with Brooks.

So why the farm?


Hi, we are Brooks and Laurie.

Over the years, while working full-time jobs, Brooks and I were passionate about purchasing properties that needed 'fixing up'. Through renovation and design we were able to breath new life into these properties and create new homes as well as both long and short term rentals. When the pandemic hit, like many others, we faced many life challenges. Brooks was unable to work as renovator due to lock-downs and the kids being home full-time. I faced career burn-out due to an unsustainable working environment and as a result resigned from my job in marketing. During that period we also lost loved ones. We knew we needed a change but didn't know where to start.

New Adventure

In the summer of 2022, Brooks and I, on a whim visited a farm that was for sale in Woodville, ON. We immediately fell in love. The farm had a charming farmhouse, breath-taking views and the amazing century barn. Although, the farm was beautiful, we could see the farmhouse was run-down, the outbuildings were disheveled and the pens and pastures were bare and overgrown. We thought, can we actually do this? Somehow with a little bit (actually A LOT) of financial magic (we can pass on the name of our amazing mortgage broker if you'd like) we managed to purchase the farm.

Welcome to Thunderbird Farm! 

The Project

We thought if we could first renovate the Farmhouse and save/re-imagine the outbuildings, we could turn the farm into a full-suite wedding, event and short-term stays destination.

With the scope of the project we knew we had to break the projects into stages.


The Farmhouse

This was our most detailed renovation and it needed a complete over-haul. Although it had beautiful character, the kitchen was inoperable, the walls were damaged with holes and ripped wallpaper, the bedrooms, bathrooms and indoor/outdoor living spaces were dated or falling apart. Our first goal was to open the farmhouse to welcome overnight guests by the summer of 2023. 

The Farm animals

We also knew wanted to re-introduce farm animals to the farm and offer the opportunity for guests to interact and even care for them during their stay at the farm. Continuously restoring and renovating the pens and pastures, we were able to introduce Nigerian dwarf goats, baby-doll sheep, alpacas, chickens and turkeys.  We have also just welcomed 2 lambs and 3 kids from our farm animals. 


Weddings and Events

With the renovation of the farmhouse complete, a variety of adorable farm animals and a summer of running the farm as an Air bnb under our belt, we are now finishing renovating the event spaces. These include the 'Carriage House' (Event Space/Grooms Lounge/Farm Shop), Thunderbird Barn (Century Barn/Reception area), Ceremony space and a few additional areas. We are excited to be well on our way to host events by early spring/summer 2024.

Hospitality Experience

Prior to renovations, design and marketing, both Brooks and I worked for many years in the hospitality industry and were fortunate to wear many hats and it has always been our dream to go back to our roots and offer short term stays, provide photography and host events/weddings at the farm.


Indigenous Heritage

Additionally throughout the process, we kept Brooks’ indigenous heritage in mind. With the loss of his father, who was a spiritual chief and a pivotal leader in the community, our hopes are to one day continue on his legacy. This would include traditional farming, educational workshops and ceremonies at the farm.

Our goal is to make Thunderbird Farm the perfect destination for hosting events or being a fun yet peaceful and relaxing getaway, while including important culture and tradition. We are hoping to create memories that will last a lifetime and provide a space that guests can return to for years to come.

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